Chronological list of material updates to "Bayonets Of Afghanistan"


-3 new variants added to Chapter 21

-1 new variant added to Chapter 22


-1 new variant added to Chapter 6


-1 new variant added to Chapter F

-New information added to Chapter 3 regarding the long bladed P1888 bayonets.

-Information regarding variations of the P1888 bayonet clarified and the slang term "carbine" used to refer to the MkII variant removed and correct nomenclature inserted.


-All previous information referring to the "Mazar-e-Sharif Arsenal" has been corrected to reflect the Royal Arsenal's true location as Kabul.  The source of the misidentification of the location seems to be that the structure depicted in Afghan arsenal markings is the "Blue Mosque" at Mazar-e -Sharif and that is what has caused the confusion.

-1 new arsenal marking added to Chapter 1

-Anecdotal information about Afghan procurement of foreign arms added to the Appendix.


-New reference added to the FAKES section as Reference # F-9


-New reference added to the FAKES section as Reference # F-10

-3 new variants added to Section #20  and 1 to Section #21

-New hilt variant added to Section #20

-New information related to modified mortise slots added to Section #20

-REFERENCE #20-258B(?1) has been changed to REFERENCE #20-258B(?1)* denoting modification for another rifle not previously accounted for.  The Identification matrix is likewise modified to reflect the "star" suffix.